Fall 2017 Class Schedule

Class Dates Location Moderator Registration Close Date
Work Zone TTCT 09/05 to 09/06/2017 City of Tuscon Paul Burton Cancelled
Work Zone TTCT 09/11 to 09/12/2017 Town of Gilbert Alex Hardy 08/18/2017
Traffic Signal Tech L1 09/18 to 09/19/2017 Town of Gilbert Griff Hepner Cancelled
Roadway Lighting L1 09/18 to 09/19/2017 City of Peoria Robert Gayfield 08/25/2017
TS Tech L2 Field 09/25 to 09/26/2017 City of Peoria Keith Gurka 09/01/2017
Traffic Signal Tech L1 09/26 to 09/27/2017 City of Tucson Paul Burton Cancelled
Traffic Signal Inspector 10/02 to 10/03/2017 City of Peoria Mike Vogel 09/08/2017
Roadway Lighting L2 10/04 to 10/05/2017 City of Peoria Ruben Preston 09/08/2017
Signs & Marking L1 TBD City of Peoria Sergio Montano TBD
TS Tech L2 Field 10/17 to 10/18/2017 City of Tucson Paul Burton Cancelled
Challenge/Retake 10/20/2017 from 7am to 11am City of Scottsdale Reggie Fitzpatrick 09/28/2017