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For more information, contact our Arizona Section Certification Chairman
Ray Parmigiani

IMSA Class Schedule

Season Class Dates Location Moderator Registration Close Date
Spring2018 Work Zone TTCT 03/12 to 03/13/2018 Town of Gilbert Alex Hardy 02/19/2018
Spring2018 Roadway Lighting L1 03/14 to 03/15/2018 City of Peoria Robert Gayfield 02/21/2018
Spring2018 Roadway Lighting L2 03/21 to 03/22/2018 City of Mesa Ruben Preston 02/28/2018
Spring2018 Transportation Center System Spec L1 03/26 to 03/27/2018 City of Mesa Barbara Hauser 03/02/2018
Spring2018 Traffic Signal Tech L1 04/02 to 04/03/2018 City of Peoria Griff Hepner 03/09/2018
Spring2018 TS Tech L2 Field 04/04 to 04/05/2018 City of Peoria Keith Gurka 03/12/2018
Spring2018 Traffic Signal Inspector 04/09 to 04/10/2018 City of Mesa Mike Vogel 03/26/2018
Spring2018 TS3F Challenge 04/13/2018 from 7am to 2pm City of Scottsdale Keith Gurka 03/26/2018
Spring2018 Challenge/Retake 04/20/2018 from 7am to 11am City of Scottsdale Reggie Fitzpatrick 03/28/2018