IMSA is the Leading International Resource for Information, Education and Certification in Public Safety.
IMSA provides Educational and Certification Programs serving the following fields:

Roadway Lighting * Roadway Signs and Markings * Work Zone Traffic Safety * Public Safety Dispatcher
Traffic Signal Technician * Interior Fire Alarm System Technician * Municipal Fire Alarm System Technician


The Arizona Section is excited to begin offering certification classes utilizing the IMSA Online Certification Portal (  We are currently scheduling classes, so please check the link mentioned above for an updated schedule of classes. 

IMSA Sections, throughout the US and Canada, will be offering classes through the Online Portal.  If you are looking for a class not currently being offered through the Arizona Section, you may also view a full listing of certifications available nationwide. 

Cancellation Policy – Students will receive a full refund on courses cancelled up to seven days prior to the scheduled course date. The refunds will be made within thirty days after cancellation. 

Course Manuals – Students enrolling in complete online certification (course and exam) in the IMSA Online Certification Portal with an online exam taken are required to have the most current manual that corresponds with the course in which they enroll. The manual is encouraged but not required for students auditing the course with no exam or for students taking the challenge exam. 

Course Payment – Payments must be made in full online before students will be able to take online courses and/or online certification exams. All major credit cards are accepted, in addition to PayPal payments. 

Pre-Requisite Courses – Students will not be issued certification for a course until all pre-requisites for the course are complete, even if they have completed the course and passed the exam. Students must complete pre-requisites within three (3) years as specified on course requirements, or they will have to re-enroll in a complete certification course (course and exam). 

Exam Access – Students will have 48 hours after course completion to access the online certification exam. 

Exam Duration – Students will have a maximum of three (3) hours to complete the online certification exam. 

Exam Pass/Fail – A student is determined to have passed with a score of 70 or above on the certification exam. Students will receive notification of pass/fail immediately upon completion of exam unless there is a question about the student’s integrity during the exam. 

Certification – The official certification will be mailed by IMSA staff to students who pass the certification exam and will be available in the students’ IMSA profile to download and print. Note: Students will not be issued certification for a course until all pre-requisites are complete, even if the students have completed the course and passed the exam. 

Options When Students Fail – Students in the complete certification course (course and exam) who fail the certification exam are allowed one free retake within one year of taking the exam. 

Exam Integrity – If a student enrolled in a course is determined to have violated integrity procedures on the online certification exam as determined by Integrity Advocate and verified by IMSA certification staff, that individual’s exam retake must be done in person. 

Exam Integrity Procedures


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City of Mesa, AZ - Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Technician Trainee, Technician I & Technician II

City of Scottsdale, AZ - Streets Equipment Operator Senior