IMSA Mission: Dedicated to providing quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public safety systems; delivering value for members by providing the latest information and education in the industry.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Please pardon our dust while we remodel

We are excited to inform you that IMSA home office in Florida is working on updates to classes curriculum. The upcoming changes will focus on student-friendly model with the content being updated to bring the curriculum in line with the current technological growth.

While we are excited about the change, this means that some new certification programs will be temporarily unavailable while the curriculums are being worked on. During the first phase five programs will be launched:

IMSA Work Zone

IMSA Traffic Signal I Technician

IMSA Traffic Signal Field II Technician

IMSA Traffic Signal Construction II Technician

IMSA Traffic Signal Sr. Field III Technician

IMSA Transportation Ctr. System Specialist I

IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings I Technician

IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings II Technician

IMSA Roadway Lighting I Technician

IMSA/FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician

If you currently hold a certification in one of the older certifications and need to renew it, please let us know. IMSA AZ Section can assist you in obtaining your CEC requirements. Stay tuned for more info!
New Job Opportunity

Traffic Signal Controls, Inc, - Technical Support & Sales

City of Scottsdale, AZ - Sign Technician

AJP Electric, Inc. - IMSA Traffic Signal Technicians

City of Phoenix, AZ - Traffic Services Safety Analyst II